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Solutions for our Future is an effort to raise awareness that higher education is one of America's greatest resources

Stonger Society

An educated society is a better society.

Investments in higher education benefit all of society through service to communities, healthier citizens who live longer lives, more productive workers, regional economic growth, and innovations in science and technology.

In addition to preparing individuals for employment, higher education prepares students to be responsible citizens and produce innovations that fuel economic development. Students learn to think critically and solve the problems facing our country.

  • College graduates volunteer more, vote more often, and participate more in community and civic organizations than people without college degrees.

  • Education has significant spillover effects on voter awareness of public events, such as more frequent reading of newspapers and journals, and increased awareness of issues such as schools, city and county council activities, and state and local tax policies.

  • Campus Compact is a national organization committed to civic engagement and community service estimates the value of student service at $4.45 billion annually.

  • And many campuses maintain centers for civic renewal and engagement, such as the University of Richmond, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania.
Percentage US population 25 and older who reported volunteering
Percentage of US population 25 and older who reported ever volunteering for or through an organization.

Voting Rates for Citizens in 2004 Presidential Election
Voting Rates for Citizens in 2004 Presidential Election.

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